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Corporate Training

Having a fitter & healthier staff means you have a more productive team at work!

We have a list of exercise programs which your staff can do in the comfort of their office to keep themselves healthy and energetic. We plan such workouts which they can do at any time, even in their working hours. The best part is that, they may not need an instructor once they adapt the right exercise techniques. All our corporate clients had a great time with our instructors and made themselves healthy and a fitter organization. We at RFG, make sure that no session gets boring and you get the best results out of your Workouts. We have a team of highly trained & experienced trainers who can train you with variety workouts.

List of Exercises- you all can do at your office, without any equipment

  • Chair Cardio
  • Chair Yoga
  • Self Defense Training
  • Cardio Kick Boxing
  • Pranayam & Isometric Exercise Programme
  • Aeromobility Training Programme
  • Fusion Exercise Programme
  • Functional Workouts
  • Aerobics
  • Pilates & Abs Workouts
  • Meditation & Ancient yoga Asanas
  • Calisthenics.
  • Customized training as per your requirements

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Group Classes

Train with your family, friends and people whom you like to train with!!

Why train alone when you can workout with your gang. Yes we made it possible & now you can workout with your loved ones and friends. Training can become a party for you all. Form a group of people at your place and call your trainer home, to train you all at the same time. We have specialized trainers for that. They take care of all of your fitness needs and plan your training accordingly. We have a set of exercise programs which you can do at your place without any equipment.

Have Fun, Loose fat & Be Fit..

Call us on 9958389292, 1800-11-9229 to get a free trail session at your place.


Couple Training

Life is good, when you have a partner & training can be fun when you workout together!!

Doing workouts alone can be boring some time. We all need someone to be there for us as a Partner, Mentor to keep up the motivation & bring the best out of us. We at RFG, give you an opportunity to train and get fit together. Our Senior Trainer can plan a workout which both of you can do together and get the maximum results out of your training. He will assess your current fitness level, medical history and plan your workouts accordingly. Ask anyone to join you- It can be your brother, sister, father, Mother, spouse or a friend...

Be fit & keep them fit too...

Call us on 9958389292, 1800-11-9229 to get a free trail session at your place.


Health Seminar

We are a team of 100 working professionals & all our trainers are highly trained and experienced in their respective fields. We guide people with the best advises and suggestions based on their health records, requirements and fitness goals. Our motive is to promote the positive effect & benefits one can achieve through regular workouts combined with a healthy lifestyle. We can be a one stop shop for all your fitness concerns. Get the best out of our experienced trainers

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We also provide fitness training programmae in delhi,bangalore,noida

RFG being a sports, recreational and fitness training company salute the never ending spirit of all sports personalities and offer them a total free of cost service to all International athletes and sports personalities. Please contact to start your training today.
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