Dr. Pushpinder Singh Bajaj
Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy specialist
Dr. Munish Prabhakar
M.B.B.S., M.D(Medicine),Medical Director,Sr. Consultant Medicine Diabetology & Preventive Cardiology Medical Director,Asia Medical Assistance,Prime Air Ambulance.
Mrs. Ishi Khosla
Dr. Deepika Malik
Dietitian & Ayurvedic Doctor
  Yoga Fitness Trainer

Yoga for Fitness

Yoga – The solutions for many problems either it is related to your health or mental stress. Our personal trainers also assist you in yoga training.
There are lots of benefits which can be obtained by routine Yoga practice. Here are some Examples
  • Yoga can be the reason for Lower Blood Pressure
  • It can also down the anxiety level by practicing mindfulness meditation.  This is a kind of medication in which people practices mindfulness by concentrating on the breath.

Inhale Love, Exhale Hate

  • It enhances the concentration power and working memory.
  • It can cure you from Hair Loss. Posses like Sasangasana and Uttanasana helps in blood circulation to head.