Our Specialities

  • We take all safety precautions and care during the workout sessions.
  • The workouts are done at your own residence, or in a selected place that is comfortable to you.
  • The schedule of workout is selected according to your convenience.
  • The exercise program is personalized according to your medical history, exercise background and goal & requirement.
  • The trainer keeps you motivated and updated during your exercise regimens.
  • Fast and satisfying results. No fasting, artificial food supplements or fancy accessories are required.
  • Rehabilitation workout to regain your fitness level after a surgery, injury, post delivery or chronic illness.
  • Our General Fitness Menu: Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, Cardio-kick Boxing, Kalari (Traditional Martial Art of Kerala), Calisthenics, Vibration Training and Weight Training. These choices are always available to you, in order to keep your body fit and boredom at bay.
  • Provide you with guidance in choosing the right nutritionist to monitor your health.