Our Advisor

Mr. Chitharesh Natesan

Mr. Chitharesh Natesan Strength Training & Bodybuilding Expert

IBFF, Mr. World (Overall Champion category, 2018)
Mr. Asia , 2017 (Overall Category)

4 times Mr. India 2015-2018 .
4 times Mr. Delhi 2015-2018

There are many reasons why people choose to exercise. Whether you want to improve your sport performance, reduce health risks, or look and feel better I can help you achieve your goals. Using a functional, yet fun approach I’ll help give you an edge – an edge in performance, and edge in health, and an edge in life.
I hold a Bachelor Degree in Physical Education, from Lakshmi Bai National College of Physical Education, Trivandrum, and Kerala.
Currently I hold the title of IBFF Mr. World (Overall Champion category, 2018) and a recipient of Professional Body Building Card by IBFF. I was also awarded Mr. Asia , 2017 (Overall Category) & four times Mr. India Champion for the years 2015-2018 . I also won the title of Mr. Delhi four times for the years
I am passionate about using correct form, proper technique, and injury prevention in a fun environment. As a Personal Trainer, I want to share my enthusiasm, encourage a happier lifestyle, and help you realize what your body is capable of.